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A 30-Day Health Transformation
Join this online health mastery program and experience the life-changing power of optimal health that clients of the Living Proof Institute have enjoyed for the last 10 years. 
Awaken Your Inner
Healing Potential
Nothing will fix your body better than it can fix itself. 
By making small, strategic changes on a daily basis - you can clear brain fog,
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Join thousands in this unique 
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  • ​The insider secrets Living Proof Institute clinicians personally use to take maximum care of themselves.
  •  Powerful recommendations we give to private clients that we have never shared before. 
  •  The #1 thing you should do before you roll out of bed in the morning so you can set yourself up for the best day possible. 
  •  A 5-minute practice that will instantly shift your energy into peak productive state. 
  •  How to “tune in” to your body and read its hidden signals. 
  •  And so much more... 
About Sachin Patel
Sachin Patel, Founder of 
The Living Proof Institute
After radically transforming his health with Functional Medicine, Sachin founded the Living Proof Institute with the goal of igniting a paradigm shift in healthcare and improving humanity. 
He is known as a guardian of truth and warrior of light blessed with the extraordinary ability to take complex ideas and distill them down to their essence with analogies that everyone can understand.
What People Are Saying About 
The Living Proof Institute
“Over the past several years, my life has literally been transformed by the doctors at the Living Proof Institute. Each day is a journey, but the doctors here help you become more in tune with your body and change the way you think about pain and illness. I couldn't recommend anything more than spending time at this institute. You will without a doubt, be happier, healthier and a better person to be around (well, in my case at least ;)” 
- Tiffany Linville
“Sachin Patel has helped to change my life! I've followed his work, listened to countless seminars and recently was honored to attend a retreat in which he presented and grateful to witness him and his family. He is incredibly knowledgeable, passionate, honest and genuine and leads by example. His nuggets of wisdom are simple and applicable to everyone looking to improve their life.” 
- Elissa Martis
“If your health isn't quite what you believe it could be, these are the people you're looking for. Sachin leaves no stone unturned and prides himself on providing the best support possible in your journey to optimal living. Follow his lead and watch your existence evolve.” 
- Nick Deacon
Dr Patel, just wanted to say a huge thank you. Paresh is now totally off all his medications including blood pressure and cholesterol. All this even after a heart attack. Absolutely all thanks to functional medicine and our meeting with you. U truly changed our lives. Thank you.” 
- Radhika Khatri